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Hallgrímskirkja Church

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The church is one of the most striking buildings you'll find in Reykjavik. It's the tallest church of Iceland, roaring at 74.5 meters. It's one of the best known landmarks in the city and one of the few expressionist architecture you will see in your journey.

Harpa Conference and Concert Hall

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This house has a love/hate relationship with the locals. Construction started in the economic bloom, but ended during economic downfall of the country. Questions were if the construction would be finished at all. Now it's here and it's beautiful.


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The building itself is an amazing architecture. Despite being heavily underutilized, there is high-class restaurant, cafeteria, a Saga Museum and once in a while book and music markets are held there.

Tjörnin / The Pond in Reykjavik

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Tjörnin (The Pond) is one of the most popular recreational localities in Reykjavík, almost impossible to miss given its central location to downtown. Its surrounding area represents the very best of the capital’s character, radiating a delicate balance between authentic urban development and enchanting nature.

Swimming in Reykjavík

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Experience Iceland's pure thermal energy and take a dip in one of Reykjavík's many thermal pools and spas! Not only a great source of natural therapy but an important part of our culture and a tonic for the body and mind!

The Nordic House

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The Nordic House is an icon of aesthetics, a cultural institution and an architectural gem situated in a bird sanctuary, only a 10-minute walk from the Reykjavík city centre. The Nordic House has exhibition areas showcasing Nordic art, a beautiful Nordic library with a children's library and a playing area for families, an auditorium and AALTO Bistro, one of Reykjavik’s best restaurants. Wither you fancy a nice lunch with a great view ore want to enjoy quality events, architecture or Nordic design.